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The Projects Division has enhanced the company’s product diversification by steering the business to venture into non-traditional business lines. Magnate Projects Division is now a strong player in the field of security, electrical and solar system. This Division is anchored on principles of Quality, Innovation, Customer Focus, Rapid Delivery and Expertise.

Our Certifications

  • National Construction Authority Class NCA 1 Electrical works
  • National Construction Authority Class NCA 1 Civil works
  • Energy Regulatory Commission Class A Electrical Works
  • Energy Regulatory Commission V1 solar PV contractor
  • Energy Regulatory Commission V2 solar PV manufacturer / importer



Customer Focus

Rapid Delivery


Our Productline

Magnate Ventures undertakes the following kinds of projects:

Security Projects

We offer total security solutions that cover the following applications:

People Screening
Baggage & Parcel Inspection
Explosive and narcotics detection
Detection of metal particles
Foreign Body detection
Hold Baggage Screening
Vehicle and Cargo Inspection

Electrical Projects

We are fully certified to undertake electical projects of all kinds such as:

Street lighting
Generators and uninterruptible power supply systems
Taxiway guidance sign and airport ground lighting
Solar PV power solutions
Construction of power lines and substations

Airfield Lighting and Control

Control and monitoring of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) equipment

Lighting solutions
Airfield Lighting Computer control system
Taxi guidance signs
Constant current regulators and ancilliaries
Cables, Transformers & Connector Kits
Generators & Switchgears
Supplimentary products

Electrical Meters

We have also established an assembly plant for energy meters. Our main products are

  • Prepayment meters
  • Smart meters
  • Smart metering system
  • CT & CTPT operated meters


Who are we?

Our focus is in supply, manufacture, installation and maintenance of all types of indoor and outdoor billboards, signage and promotional materials. Our fundamental objective is to deliver a highly visible and visually attractive image of our customers’ products and services through creative and strategic positioning.Magnate Ventures Ltd was established in 1996 and started operations in 1997. In 1999, it acquired Kenya Neon and General Signs, one of the long-standing and best equipped signage companies, thereby creating one of the strongest signage and image companies in Kenya. The company has experienced a healthy growth pattern since its first year of operation and aims to maintain sustained growth through expansion of operations to cover the region as well as extension of product lines. Magnate Ventures currently has operations in South Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.To ensure we provide our clients with quality products and services, Magnate ventures has implemented the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certification. This has placed Magnate Ventures Ltd as the first outdoor and signage company in the region to be certified. This certification affirms that we have put in place the necessary Quality Management Systems and procedures that will enable us focus on customer satisfaction by providing excellent products and services while adhering to prudent management practices.

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